What We Do

Turning your ideas into reality

We started in 2016 as turnkey solution providers for big ASIC and GPU miners, securing locations, executing procurement of mining equipment, affordable electricity and HVAC facilities, performing installation, mining profit management and optimization, maintenance, oversight and support operations.

Newly created profits in cryptocurrencies needed management and reinvestment. Our engineers, technicians and procurement specialists were then joined by traders.

In 2017, we took on another challenge – fundraising for crypto projects through Initial Coin Offering procedures. We did four of them, two reaching soft, and two reaching hard cap. That was the period our team was expanded by lawyers and marketing and taxation experts.

During 2018 crypto-winter, we succeeded in maintaining our operations. Even more, we were retained to participate in creating an innovative concept of a crypto-exchange. As ICO concept disappeared into oblivion, we used other, more traditional means of funding and helped the investors build the product scaled to operate worldwide.

Ability to learn fast and adapt swiftly has brought us to the point where our word and opinion matter. Blockchain ecosystem is still in its infancy and we believe regulations, standards and governance are the key issues in the years to come. That is why we cooperate with other stakehodlers, as government agencies, professional associations and industry representatives.

The imminent future of finance is disruptive to the existing order. The role of both fiat and crypto money will change beyond recognition. Definition of cash will alter. Remittances and financial transactions will reach new paradigms. Polatris Consulting is ready.

Why Blockchain?

Turning your ideas into reality

Ledger Reinvented

In every aspect of human activity, those who control the records and archives are those in control of everything. But, ledger is no longer a universal log of records in possession of a single authority. Blockchain is a form of decentralized ledger that is optimal for new paradigm of global finance.

Reliable and Resistant to Attacks

Distributed log of records is more resistant to fraud, manipulation, alteration or hack. In case of blockchain, logs of records consist of blocks of data, each of which ‘sealed’ by cryptographic signature. As the very next block begins with the identical signature (hash) of the previous one, they all form a virtually unbreakable chain, guaranteeing immutability of stored records.

New and Reshaped Business Models

Supply chain management, accounting, voting, quality assurance, stock exchange, energy supply, intellectual property and health care are lines of business which can profit most from the application of blockchain technology. Yet, the best explored field of use is the finance. Blockchain has opened the way for creation of various virtual currencies which may be independent from traditional transnational or global monetary establishments.

Increased Efficiency and Improved Transaction Speed

Blockchain provides a more secure way for faster and cheaper transfer of funds, transactions clearing and settlement, and efficient finance records storage. This technology has given birth to many new forms of money, most of them being decentralized and not governed by central banks, governments or international monetary institutions.

Key Element of 4th Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring reallocation of power, often seen through the process of decentralization and decomposing centralized structures. New forms of money (whether digital, virtual or crypto) will also serve as a means of inclusion for unbanked, underbanked and all those who are left out from the global money flows.

Transparency vs Anonymity/Privacy

The idea behind Bitcoin – the first globally recognized implementation of blockchain technology – was all about transparency and taking away the power from the banks to the common people, and never about privacy. However, blockchain is a tool for myriad of currencies, many of them offering full and undeniable anonymity. Although they are not physical, they can adequately substitute paper cash issued by central monetary authorities.

Future is to Believe. And Probably to Tokenize

With properties matching or even superseding those of existing money, cryptocurrencies can prevail quite soon. Even that gigantic leap is, however, just the first one in the process of blockchain-backed asset tokenization. Tokenizing real-world assets will allow buyers to access assets never before within their reach, and sellers to move assets that were previously difficult to transfer. The secret lies in the possibility of fractionalization – everybody, from the smallest investors to the largest corporations, will be able to procure fractions of tokenized assets, as easy as making a couple of swipes on a cell phone. We believe the impact of tokenization to the global economy would be tremendous and the next massive generation of new value after the internet.

Our Specialty – Private Blockchain

The sole distinction between public and private blockchain is related to who is allowed to participate in the network, execute the consensus protocol and maintain the shared ledger. Openness of a public blockchain to everybody implies little to no privacy for transactions and only supports a weak notion of security. A private blockchain network requires an invitation and a participant (node) has to be validated, usually by the network initiator. Businesses setting up a private blockchain generally set up a robust, highly secure, monitored and well-controlled permissioned network.


Blockchain Technology


Mining facility Belgrade I – White Creek (500 units);
Mining facility Belgrade iI – Vrčin (400 units);
Experimental Mining Facility Belgrade III – Viline Vode (50 units);
Mining facility Mohol – 1000 units;
Mining facility Despotovac – 10,000 units.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

INFLIV, India, UK (www.infliv.io) – the world’s first subscription-based exchange, operations partially suspended due to new, restrictive regulations in India; to be restructured into P2P exchange with the feature of crypto-to-fiat conversion to Indian Rupee;
Meroshina Project, Serbia – decentralized exchange, in progress.

Fundraising and Advisory

INFLIV exchange, IFV utility token;
ULTI Coin – token to be used for buying and selling in video games;
PlusPlusNT – integrating blockchain solution with legacy databases;
National Bank of Serbia – consultations about regulatory framework and possible introduction of state cryptocurrency (CBDC).